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MyHammer.de is an online platform for craftsman, e.g. painters, floorers, carpenters to find new jobs. Homeowners are able to enter their service requests and get responses from professional craftsman.

A pleasant user experience depends on “successful and perfect matching”, that is: make sure the right service professional responds to the right service request. Consumers can choose from 3 or more responses that have the highest NPS (>55). In order to support a high matching of users, it is necessary that the consumer is as specific as possible when selecting the right service and provides as detailed information as possible when describing the request.

User Empathy Map

Based on the analysis of customers reviews and user empathy map, propose a prototype to improve the user experience for quoting process. 

Problem & Pain Point
The process does not build up users' confidence to support them complete the order because...  

  •  The process is somehow complicated, difficult and unclear for users, especially for the first-time customers 
  •  The users are often frustrated about the time to receive a feedback or an appointment
  •  The customers worry about the cost while placing an order

User Task Flow Redesign

“User satisfaction is directly related to task completion. If users can  complete their assigned tasks quickly and easily, they often report higher satisfaction, especially if there is an element of delight in the interaction. If users have a difficult time completing their tasks or cannot complete them at all, they often report low satisfaction."
– Shari Thurow

If we can create a more pleasant and easier task path, the user satisfaction will increase, as well as the service request rate.

Paper Prototype

  •  The form can be broken-down into different sectors and steps, so that the sign-up process is less overwhelming and less stressed for users

  •  Most users want to have the services ASAP, so if they can designate an accurate date as they wish, users are more likely to feel empowered rather than oppressed or frustrated

  •  Users will feel more confident and perceive higher brand reliability, if they can have an rough idea about the cost

  •  Offer social authentication to create a seamless sign-up process

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